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The Virtual Exhibition of Abstract Art hosted by the Samish River Art Studio

Awkward – Julie Sevilla Drake

You’ll find the exhibition on the next two pages. The menu is in the lower left hand side of each page.

Hidden Fantasies – Ron King

Page 2 is a gallery of the work that you can view as a slide show by clicking on any image. There is a place for comments at the bottom of the screen under each image when they are expanded.

A Day in a Life, April 20202 – Andy Friedalnder

Page 3 is information about the artists and their work – Jay Bowen, Sarah Dalton, Julie Sevilla Drake, Andy Friedlander, Ron King, Steve Lloyd and Terry MacDonald.

Rock Formation #4 – Sarah Dalton

Page 4 is the homepage for the Samish River Art Studio and the work of Andy Friedlander.

Ocean Spiral – Steve Lloyd

Thank you so much for joining us.

Energy – Terry MacDonald